Submitting Fiction, Illustrations & Comic Art

RPG Based Short Stories Accepting submissions for short stories that take place in the Fates Worse Than Death, Tibet, In Dark Alleys, KidWorld, Hoodoo Blues and Seeker universes for publication on this web site and in podcast format. 2,000-10,000 word stories wanted. Rates are 1.5-2.5 cents (USD) per word. Send full stories to creative [aht] … Read moreSubmitting Fiction, Illustrations & Comic Art

How To Submit

Email your submission to creative [aht] Make sure your submission is something we are looking for.  See Submissions for a complete list. The Once A Week Rule: Anyone working with Vajra Enterprises in a for-pay project must check in with Vajra Enterprises at least once every week by email, post or phone. The message … Read moreHow To Submit

Submitting Role Playing Material

Role Playing Material Vajra Enterprises is seeking to commission a co-author to help write one of two roleplaying games (one a historically accurate portrayal of the adventures of hackers in the 1980s, the other an alternate history in which Native Americans with powerful native magic live in an apartheid-like America).  These games will use the Organic Rules … Read moreSubmitting Role Playing Material

Vajra Enterprises Editorial and Diversity Standards

Post-Sentence Spacing: Use two spaces after the end of a sentence.  Scientific studies show that two spaces helps people read text more easily. Dash as Punctuation: Avoid a dash in the middle of a sentence (e.g. “We were writing – it was great!”).  In most cases, this can be replaced with a comma, colon, semicolon, … Read moreVajra Enterprises Editorial and Diversity Standards

Fates Worse Than Death Fiction Guidelines

See Submissions for more information on what we are accepting and how to submit it. This page describes what we are looking for in any fiction taking place in the Fates Worse Than Death universe. No agent necessary. Payment is half up-front with commission contract. Royalties available on paper-published works. All fiction must take place within the … Read moreFates Worse Than Death Fiction Guidelines