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Errata: Core ORC rule changes from In Dark Alleys Like A Serpent A young monk meets an animated phurba. A TIbet short story. Tibet GM Screen A printable 3 page pdf. Saving Denver An original Tibet adventure suitable for level 1 characters. The Handsome Young Monk An original Tibet adventure. Warning: adult themes. Tibet In Brief (pdf) Pages 4 and 5 … Read moreTibet Library

Tibet Reviews

“It’s interesting and well-written in its own right, and the setting feels particularly rich.” -Legion Magazine “It has character classes. It has levels. It has saving throws. It has overly long equipment lists. Does it need any of these things? No, no, no and a thousand times no.” -RPGnews.com/tibetrpg.php “…quite, almost coldly, different…” –Games Gazette magazine “…like all strange … Read moreTibet Reviews

Tibet Credits

Tibet the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King Cover by Samuel Araya Art by Lorie Albrecht, Laura Dubuk, Jason Juta, Britt Martin, Martina Pilcerova Game Design Assistance by Tiffany St.Claire-King Editorial Assistance by Tiffany St.Claire-King, Nick Page and Diamond Charlotte