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They have been abandoned by the people who once lived and worked in them.  The paint has been left to peel, dust to blanket every surface, windows to break, weeds to grow up through cracks, birds and mice to chew things up and build nests.
Yet just because all the people have left doesn’t mean that there is nothing still living there.  It doesn’t mean that eyes won’t watch you from the darkness as you make your way slowly down the darkened corridors, the beam of your flashlight falling everywhere except for the one spot where something waits for you.

  • A sourcebook for In Dark Alleys, the role playing game of psychological and cosmological horror.
  • An in-depth look at abandoned locations in the In Dark Alleys setting, and the dangers that inhabit them.
  • Seven different abandoned locations described in detail: a rural house, a subway station, a high-rise apartment building, a mental hospital, a cannery, a skyscraper and an entire town.
  • Each location contains challenging mysteries for players to solve: what is happening there, how did it come about and how does one escape with one’s life?
  • Complete write-ups for 58 monsters and other antagonists.
  • Contains a new character class: Tranquilites.
  • The TranquilLake setting and Tranquilite character class can be played as its own complete role playing game, with no other purchase necessary.

198 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″
Printed Version: $22.95 – Fulfillment by Lulu
PDF: $4.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG
Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here.

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