Vajra's Contributors

Brian St.Claire-King
Brian is the Creative Director for Vajra Enterprises and oversees the creation and acquisition of new settings, as well as writing, game design, advertising, page layout and art direction. Brian lives near Portland, Oregon with two kids and a cute anarchist lawyer. Like the city residents of Fates Worse Than Death, Brian grew up in a poor inner city and feels at home on city streets. Like the Tibetans in Tibet, Brian was raised by Buddhists. Like the Heretics of In Dark Alleys, Brian has always been fascinated by the dark side of things, going out of his way to learn about things most people are happy to ignore. Like the kids in KidWorld, Brian has enjoyed exploring, scavenging and having adventures since his youth. Like the ageless of Hoodoo Blues, Brian is a keen student of history and believes in the value of learning from the mistakes of the past.Contact Brian at creative [at] vajraenterprises [dot] com.
Jonathan Dotse
Jonathan Dotse
Jonathan Dotse is a consultant, working with Vajra Enterprises to develop the future history of Africa in the world of Fates Worse Than Death.Jonathan is a science fiction writer living in Accra, Ghana. He is currently working on a cyberpunk mystery/thriller novel set in the sprawling metropolis of Accra in the middle of the 21st century. Jonathan is the creator of AfroCyberPunk, a blog on the future of African science fiction.
Eloy LaSanta

Eloy is the coauthor of KidWorld, the game of childhood survival. He’s been gaming for 20 years, having tasted the flavors of many different games along the way. Upon finding Vajra Enterprises and their games, Eloy has thrown himself headfirst into Vajra’s worlds and systems. In addition to his work with Vajra Enterprises, Eloy has launched his own company, Third Eye Games and has gone on to release many of his own games, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc, Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade, Part-Time Gods and Mermaid Adventures.
Contact Eloy at eloy [at] thirdeyegames [dot] net or eloy [at] eloythesaint [dot] com
Carl Warner

Carl is coauthor of Hoodoo Blues.Carl Warner has been role-playing for over twenty years. He enjoys martial arts, hiking and scuba diving, and is an amateur ghost hunter. Originally from Massachusetts, he and his long-time girlfriend are currently traveling the US fulltime in their motor home. In addition to his work for Vajra Enterprises, Carl is co-author of the State Secrets RPG from Arcana Imperii Productions, and author of “Seance at Baker House and Other Stories“.Contact Carl at
Dirk Vandereyken

Dirk is the author of the novel Fates Worse Than Death: Hunter.Dirk Vandereyken was born February 10, 1975. As a young man he liked to skip school quite a lot in order to secretly attend role-playing conventions overseas and practice martial arts instead. Two years after discovering The Dark Eye RPG at age 9, Dirk discovered the The Lord of the Rings trilogy and wrote his first novel, Ice, The Lost Planet, which got published to critical acclaim at age 14 (making him the youngest Belgian SF author ever).At age 15, Dirk took on the job of Regional Director for the Role-Playing Game Association Network for Belgium and wrote his next few books, a fairy tale and a fantasy novel. Two decades later Dirk started his own RPG-fanzine, The Fighting Bard, which eventually evolved into Cerberus Too. Since then, Dirk has been working as a hypno- and psychotherapist, producer, martial arts choreographer, journalist for four different magazines, singer and movie P.R. consultant.
Contact Dirk at hulpverleningextra [at] telenet [dot] be
Jason Juta
Jason JutaJason did the covers for almost every Vajra book, as well as interior artwork for several Vajra books.Jason is a South African illustrator and designer currently living in London. His freelance work includes submissions for books on digital fantasy art, CD art and design for Century Media, Sound Riot Records, Avantegarde Records and Low Frequency Records. His personal work includes underground ‘zine publication, event organisation and art exhibition.Contact Jason at his home page: 

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