The "We Don't Sue Our Fans" Pledge

we_dont_sue_our_fansAt Vajra Enterprises we promise not to get all angry and reactionary about:
  • Fans making and distributing fan fiction, remixes with other products or home-brewed game material.
  • Fans sharing small portions of game books with players as necessary for play.
  • Critical reviews.
We’ve also made much of our game material available via a Creative Commons license so you can use it to create your own stuff without having to ask our permission.
There are just a few things we do mind, and those are:
  • Using out ideas, text and images and not attributing their source.
  • Trying to pass off your work as official Vajra or Vajra-sanctioned product when it isn’t.
  • Giving or selling material to people in a way that discourages them from buying that game material from us.
Also, keep in mind that some of our products contain material licensed from other creators, so you may need to check with them before doing anything.
This pledge and it’s logo have been released under a creative commons share-alike 2.0 license.

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