Analysis of The Maxx Issue 33 – The Love For Three Oranges

The comic series The Maxx, by Sam Kieth, was a major inspiration for the game In Dark Alleys, and especially the parts of the game dealing with psychodynamics and the subsconscious.  This post analyzes some of the references within Issue 33. Page One Synopsis: Mr. Gone narrates opening. This story line takes place circa 2005 … Read moreAnalysis of The Maxx Issue 33 – The Love For Three Oranges

Tibet the Role Playing Game

Tibet has always been a land of danger: dangerous mountain passes, raging rivers, bandits, malevolent spirits. Even the quest for enlightenment can take dangerous forms in Tibetan Buddhism. Now war has come with the Communist Chinese. The battle is on for the soul of the Tibetan people, and perhaps the entire world. A complete RPG … Read moreTibet the Role Playing Game

Scofflaws the Role Playing Game

Scofflaws is an action comedy game about near-future gig workers with brain implants that make them smarter, faster and stronger for each unique crime they’re currently commiting. In this dyfunctional future, to make ends meet you’ll have to take on the toughest gigs on various job apps, and you’ll only be able to complete them … Read moreScofflaws the Role Playing Game

First Contact Team the Role Playing Game

  Play in an epic science-mystery as the first humans to encounter alien life. Each scenario represents humanity’s first encounter with an alien life form so different than us that it challenges our ability to understand and communicate. Create a team of the world’s best scientists, diplomats, mathematicians, technicians and other experts, assembled specifically for … Read moreFirst Contact Team the Role Playing Game