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Driving down the streets of the city, you see the fronts of buildings, all new and clean and shiny. It’s modern society putting its best face forward. But if you look down the alleys you’ll see what they don’t want you to see: age and dirt and trash.

Reality is the same way. There’s the world we’re meant to see, which is safe and rational, and people have little power but little need of it. Then there’s the reality you see if you start looking into dark places that you’re not meant to. Go exploring that reality and you might gain incredible powers, but things might also notice you looking where you’re not supposed to, things that may come after you.

In Dark Alleys is the classic Role Playing Game of cosmological and psychological horror, featuring:

  • Play as the touched: those who have peeked beyond the curtain of this reality and gained incredible, dangerous supernatural abilities.
  • A mystery for players to solve: unravel the secrets of this unique horror cosmology.
  • A detailed look at Los Angeles as a possible campaign setting.
  • Two complete introductory adventures.

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