Dead Media – A Sourcebook for In Dark Alleys

They’re waiting for you in dark, dusty places, in places where people have been killed, or where people will be killed.

Waiting for you to put the needle to the groove in the slowly revolving wax cylinder.

Waiting for you to push down the tray holding the videocassette and press the large square play button.

Waiting for you to insert a coin and turn the handle that makes images flip by so quickly they appear to move.

Waiting for you to slide the hand-painted slide into the wood and metal box.

Waiting for you to don the 3D glasses from the cardstock pocket and turn the brittle page.

Waiting for you to “press any button to start” on the boxy controller.

Waiting for you to pull the ring emerging from the back of the doll, to keep pulling until the line goes taut, and then let go.

Waiting for you to tip the pen and watch the pin-up-girl’s dress slowly float off her body, revealing what is underneath.

They’re waiting for you to make the mistake that will likely be your last.


Dead Media is the third sourcebook for In Dark Alleys, the game of psychological and cosmological horror. The book details eight obsolete media items, each with dangerous supernatural properties, and the scars they have left on this world. Each is a danger to any person who encounters them, but tracing these items back to their origins will bring players one step closer to understanding the secrets of In Dark Alleys.

Warning: Contains mature subject matter.

138 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″

Printed Version: $12.95 – Greyscale Interior – Fulfillment by Lulu
PDF: $4.95 – Full Color Interior – Fulfillment by DriveThruRPG

Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here.

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