Vajra's Mission

At Vajra Enterprises, our specialty is in creating unique, nuanced, compelling, darkly fascinating settings in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.  We make worlds people want to explore, then we give people the means to explore those worlds through role playing games, novels, comics and more.   Learn about Vajra’s Contributors Vajra has made a “We Don’t Sue Our Fans” Pledge … Read moreVajra's Mission

The "We Don't Sue Our Fans" Pledge

At Vajra Enterprises we promise not to get all angry and reactionary about: Fans making and distributing fan fiction, remixes with other products or home-brewed game material. Fans sharing small portions of game books with players as necessary for play. Critical reviews. We’ve also made much of our game material available via a Creative Commons license so … Read moreThe "We Don't Sue Our Fans" Pledge