Choose Vajra Enterprises' Next Project

Now you can help decide what project Vajra Enterprises will work on next. You can use your Fan Rewards points to buy votes and vote for one of the following four projects. Just post in Burn Immediately to say how many votes you wish to buy and what project you want to vote for. The project that receives the most votes will be the next major game or game book Vajra creates.
Vote costs are as follows:
1 vote: 1 Fan Rewards Point
2 votes: 3 Fan Rewards Points
3 votes: 7 Fan Rewards Points
4 votes: 15 Fan Rewards Points
5 votes: 30 Fan Rewards Points (maximum)
For those of you who do not yet have Fan Rewards points, it’s not too late to get started.  You can get Fan Rewards points quickly for doing things like introducing yourself on the forum or telling us how you heard about Vajra games.
Voting ends on March 31st 2013.
Price of Power
The second sourcebook in the After Midnight series for Fates Worse Than Death. This books details all the ways that people in the city gain power and the various prices they have to pay. The book also details the major power players of America in 2080, including corporations, gated communities, governments, the drug lords and other organized crime. There will be an expanded section on Sing Sing prison, about life in the prison and the various gangs that hold power there (each available as character classes).
Cruel World
A horror card game utilizing photography for the art. In Cruel World you lay down location cards in a grid, then take turns flipping over cards to explore the randomly created game world, trying to avoid or fight off monsters that might be around the next corner. Features cooperative and competitive play modes.
Fates Worse Than Death: Negotiator
This is not a role playing game. In Negotiator you play as a representative for some powerful city organization in the middle of a life-and-death negotiation. Your goal is to use any means at your disposal to gain the best outcome for the group you represent. Whether this means diplomacy, lies, threats, trading secrets or making rousing speeches is up to you. Included are the rules of play, several fully written out negotiations and a toolkit for creating your own negotiations.

London Wonderland
A complete Role Playing Game based on JAGS Wonderland written by and licensed from Marco Chacon.  In addition to the original setting material of JAGS Wonderland, London Wonderland will have the best version of Organic Rule Components and with a unique setting detailed for this book: the city of London. Wonderland is a mad, twisted version (or versions) of our world, ruled by powerful, insane creatures. Those infected by Wonderland find themselves doomed to fall into it against their will, but also gain supernatural powers. This book will feature several strains of Wonderland infection (the character classes of the game) unique to the London setting.

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