Tibet Reviews

“It’s interesting and well-written in its own right, and the setting feels particularly rich.” -Legion Magazine “It has character classes. It has levels. It has saving throws. It has overly long equipment lists. Does it need any of these things? No, no, no and a thousand times no.” -RPGnews.com/tibetrpg.php “…quite, almost coldly, different…” –Games Gazette magazine “…like all strange … Read moreTibet Reviews

Fates Worse Than Death Reviews

  English Reviews “Desperate futures never looked so desperate” on RPG.net “I would recommend it for those players and GMs who like their game on the edgy side of reality” on mortality.net “..if you like dark future horror … this might be a good game for you.” on gamingreport.com “..a new and different way of gaming Cyberpunk, focusing … Read moreFates Worse Than Death Reviews