Submitting Role Playing Material

Role Playing Material
Vajra Enterprises is seeking to commission a co-author to help write one of two roleplaying games (one a historically accurate portrayal of the adventures of hackers in the 1980s, the other an alternate history in which Native Americans with powerful native magic live in an apartheid-like America).  These games will use the Organic Rules Components system, based on the Modern-ORC set of character options, modified to fit these settings.
The author will be responsible for doing research. Historical and cultural accuracy is important. The goal is to not only produce an exciting and unique roleplaying game, but to provide a valuable compendium of historical research and cultural research.  Research should include internet research, reading books and articles and interviewing subject-matter experts.
The author will also be responsible for writing a complete roleplaying game with a comprehensive game world description, authentic character creation options and a complete sample adventure. Familiarity with the ORC system is necessary.
Vajra Enterprises will provide creative, editorial and game design guidance, will provide access to a library of research material, will edit the book, will commission illustrations (based on the author’s recommendations), will do layout for and will publish the book. Vajra Enterprises retains final editorial control in case of creative conflicts.
Pay will be one third of a cent per word with a target word count of around 150,000 words.
If you are interested, please send a writing sample to The sample can be of any kind, although obviously the closer the sample is to what is being commissioned, the more useful the sample will be in evaluating the submitter. Also, please give any evidence of knowledge of the subject matter
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