Fates Worse Than Death the Role Playing Game

Manhattan, 2080. Ruined by decades of war and global crises, the city is now home to those that can’t or won’t fit in elsewhere. The city is little more than an anarchy, plagued by every imaginable evil and horror, from self-reproducing serial killers to pusher gangs who hold down people and force them to use … Read moreFates Worse Than Death the Role Playing Game

Fates Worse Than Death: Spare Change Edition

This is a free ‘lite version’ of Fates Worse Than Death, available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. It’s 241 pages and is a complete game, with skills, equipment, a ton of setting information and everything else you’ll need to create characters or GM the game. However, FWTD: Spare Change edition only comes with the character … Read moreFates Worse Than Death: Spare Change Edition

Behind the Eyes of Madness

Now Available 144 pgs. $24.95 $19.95 The first supplement in the After Midnight series. Behind the Eyes of Madness explores mental illness in the world of Fates Worse Than Death. The book includes: The most complete and realistic rules for mental illness ever; allowing PCs to go insane, be insane and fight their way back to health. In-depth … Read moreBehind the Eyes of Madness