Dead Media – A Sourcebook for In Dark Alleys

They’re waiting for you in dark, dusty places, in places where people have been killed, or where people will be killed. Waiting for you to put the needle to the groove in the slowly revolving wax cylinder. Waiting for you to push down the tray holding the videocassette and press the large square play button. … Read moreDead Media – A Sourcebook for In Dark Alleys

What is "Dark"?

Vajra settings are often described, by Vajra’s creators, players and reviewers, as “dark.” In fact, Vajra’s official mission statement says that we specialize in “creating unique, nuanced, compelling, darkly fascinating settings in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.” However, there is no agreed-upon definition of “dark” in this context. Some people use dark to … Read moreWhat is "Dark"?

Occupying Force: A DramaSystem Series Pitch

Occupying Force (free PDF) is a series pitch for Robin D. Laws’ DramaSystem. In Occupying Force, players play American soldiers and their allies in Hell. Hell has recently been liberated by the American government and the soldiers and their allies are trying to bring capitalism and democracy to Hell while fighting off insurgents. Occupying Force … Read moreOccupying Force: A DramaSystem Series Pitch