Anarchy Code

If you’re some flavor of anarchist, use this code to tell people exactly what type you are.

  • C— Fuck culture, religion, gender, taboos, etc.
  • C– Most religions and traditions should be abandoned.
  • C- We should question cultural codes.
  • C+ Our traditions have wisdom we should pay more attention to.
  • C++ We need more traditional values!
  • C+++ Let’s stone perverts and heathens.


  • G— All government of any type should be wiped out.
  • G– There are only a few situations where limited, temporary government with limited power might be useful.
  • G- Government shouldn’t control so much of our lives.
  • G+ Modern government is a pretty good idea.
  • G++ The government should be given more powers.
  • G+++ Whatever happened to fascism?


  • $— Nobody should own anything.
  • $– Most resources should be shared.
  • $- Rich people suck ass.
  • $+ Capitalism is useful.
  • $++ Capitalism can sure our ills.
  • $+++ Capitalism is the meaning of life.


  • P— I’ve written papers or given lectures about anarchy,
  • P– I’ve read books or gone to lectures about anarchy.
  • P- I’m aware of the philosophies of anarchy.
  • P+ I don’t know much about anarchy but I think it’s good/bad.
  • P++ Anarchists throw bombs, right?
  • P+++ 4n4rchy Roxorz!!!!!!!!! (or Suzorz!!!!!!!!)


  • V— I’d rather die than have to kill people.
  • V– I won’t kill for political objectives.
  • V- I try to avoid violence.
  • V+ We might have to kill a few people to change the world.
  • V++ Military action is OK.
  • V+++ Blow up everything!


  • I— If you participate in modern society in any way, you are the enemy.
  • I– I try not to participate in the system unless I have to in order ot not be thrown in prison.
  • I- I’m kind of an outsider.
  • I+ People can do some good from inside the system.
  • I++ I participate to bring down the system from within.
  • I+++ They all think I’m one of them.

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