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Name ISBN QC Cat# pages MSRP Available In Stock?
Fates Worse Than Death 0-9713095-0-7 VAJ001 464 softbound $35.95 US Feb 04 Yes
Tibet the RPG 0-9713095-1-5 VAJ002 224 softbound $29.95 US July 04 Yes
Behind the Eyes of Madness 0-9713095-2-3 VAJ003 144 softbound $24.95 US Jan 05 Yes
In Dark Alleys 0-9713095-4-X VAJ004 288 softbound $37.96 US April 06 Yes
KidWorld 0-9713095-5-8 VAJ005 276 softbound $32.95 US Feb 09 Yes
Hoodoo Blues 0-9713095-6-6 VAJ006 312 softbound $32.95 US Mar 10 Yes
This is a Dark Ride 0-9713095-7-4 VAJ007 40 softbound $17.50 US Jan 11 No
Fates Worse Than Death: Sunrise Hotel 978-0-9855163-0-7 VAJ010 262 softbound $12.95 USD Jul 12 No
Seeker 978-0-9713095-8-6 VAJ008 188 softbound $22.95 USD Feb 12 Yes
Abandoned 978-0-9855163-1-4 VAJ009 198 softbound $22.95 USD Mar 13 Yes
The Price of Power 978-0-9855163-2-1 VAJ010 360 softbound $24.95 USD Dec 14 Yes
This is a Dark Ride 2nd Edition 978-0-9855163-3-8 VAJ007b 46 softbound $17.50 USD Jun 16 Yes
The Man Burns 978-0-9855163-4-5 VAJ011 70 softbound (color) $39.95 USD Sept 16 Yes
Dead Media



138 softbound

$12.95 USD

Jul 18

First Contact Team



194 softbound

$22.95 USD

Nov 19


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