The Handsome Young Monk

An adventure for Tibet the RPG

In Brief- The PCs will have to save a young monk who is torn between a love spell that will drive him insane if he doesn't have sex and a dharmapala who will kill him if he breaks his vow of celibacy.

Character Introductions- The PCs will be on the road that goes through the town of Tashilikun when a young woman (Nyima Geshe) will come running up to them on foot begging that they hide her. Soon afterwards, Lodoe Ngari will come riding up on a horse, demanding to know if the party have seen the young woman. Assuming the PCs save Nyima and take care of Lodoe, after Lodoe is gone Nyima will big for their help with another problem.

The Problem- Nyima will explain that Lodoe is her fianc?, and that he is a powerful sorcerer. He was teaching her sorcerous skills. As an insane sort of loyalty test, he put a love spell on a handsome young monk from the nearby monastery, making him desperately want to have sex with Nyima. To the surprise of both, he resisted the compulsion to come to Nyima. Nyima and Lodoe both know that if the young monk does not have sex with Nyima he will go insane. As the two watched him going insane, Nyima fell in love with the brave young monk. She has run away from her fianc? and wants to sleep with the young monk so he won't go insane, yet the monastery says he isn't there and won't tell her where he is. She can't ask for help from anyone in the town because everyone there is afraid of Lodoe or his aristocratic father, so she came to the road to see if she could find some travelers to help.

Tashilhikun- A moderate sized city in Western Tibet, at an altitude of 4000 m.. It has a population of 1,000 lay people and 750 male monks in a Yellow Hat monastery. The monastery is South of the main road, on the East end of Town, surrounded by a stone wall. There is a mountain range, with sky burial site and retreat caves, to the South. The sky burial site is at 4,5000 m. The retreat caves are at 5,000 m.

Finding Lobsang- Lobsang has gone off to meditation retreat caves that the monastery keeps in the nearby mountains. Only a few people in the monastery know where Lobsang has gone. The person who knows where Lobsang is that PCs are most likely to talk to (because he will be the one to come to the front gate to greet visitors) will be the monastery's head Dobdob, Tsetrung. Unfortunately, Tsetrung can not be persuaded that taking Nyima to Lobsang so they can have sex will be a good idea. Besides the fact that it goes against everything he stands for, Tsetrung will point out that all monks in this monestary have taken an oath of abstinence to Nagapka, the Pledge Holder, a local dharmapala who is known to kill people who break pledges made to him. If the PCs can lie to Lobsang and tell him that they're going to help Lobsang in another way, he will give them directions to the meditation caves.

Lodoe- Lodoe the sorcerer can't find his fianc? but knows that she might try to go after the monk. Unfortunately, unlike Nyima and the PCs, Lodoe has been watching the monk and knows where he's gone. Lodoe is murderously jealous and would rather Nyima die than sleep with the monk. He is also happy to kill any of the PCs to stop them from helping or protecting Nyima. There is a sky burial site about halfway up the mountain and there are four corpses that are still whole enough for him to animate with his Animation skill. He has been meditating for hours to animate them but has them lying down so they can surprise the PCs when they appear. If the walking dead fail, Lodoe is not a fighter, and so he will attempt to flee on foot.

Lobsang's Dilemma- Lobsang is half-insane when they get to him, and despite his constant attempts to meditate he has been suffering so badly that his Karma has been going down. If were to die right now (in a non-painful way) he would probably achieve a human afterlife (especially if someone does the Bardo rites) but if he goes on suffering for much longer he won't even be able to be a human again in the next life. Lobsang will submit to a painless death if he is told it is the only way to end his suffering.

Beyond a mircacle, there is no cure for the curse that does not involve sexual contact between Lobsang and Nyima. If Lobsang has sex with Nyima (it won't be too hard to convince him to do this) then the dharmapala Nagapka will immediately set upon Lobsang and try to destroy him. If the PCs are skilled exorcists they may be able to drive off Nagapka (a temporary solution) or even destroy him.

Another solution lies in the grey area between what is considered sex by the curse and what is considered sex under the vow Lobsang took. Some Dobdobs think that having sex between the clenched thighs of other monks does not count as intercourse because no orifices are entered and thus does not violate their vows of celibacy. Anything which provides sexual release for Lobsang and involves the flesh of Nyima will end the curse. The problem with finding such a 'loophole' is that the dharmapala has to be convinced that Lobsang has not violated his vows. Oratory, Logic or Tibetan Law skills will be very useful in this regard, otherwise the PCs will have to make their case and hope for a good CHM roll. Treating the dharmapala with respect (the Etiquette skill is useful here) will help the PCs win over the dharmapala.

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Afterwards- If Lobsang survives with his sanity intact, he will be thankful to the PCs and to Nyima, but will want to go back to his life of celibate monasticism. Nyima, knowing she can never have the man she truly loves, will probably go off to join a women's monastery. If Lodoe is still around he may try to take revenge on the PCs, but he won't go too far out of his way (his main concern is Nyima).


Nyima Geshe (Lodoe's Fiance)
Level 1 Sorcerer
Appearance- Very attractive young woman, early 20s, heart-shaped face, inquisitive eyes, red lips, hair worn long and straight, deep purple silk chuba, expensive looking red coral jewelry.
Attributes- AGY 10, AWR 9, CHM 15, END 8, INL 11, KMA 0, SPD 8, STH 7, WIL 12, BDY 3, BLD 3, INCY 2
Attachments- Money, Beautiful, Sadistic, Willful, Aesthetics
Skills- Music (1), Love Magic (1), Bird Control (1), Demon Sorcery (1), Poisons (1), Literacy (1).
Special Abilities- Physically Attractive: Major (+8 to Seduction)
Special Equipment- Knife.

Lodoe Ngari
Level 5 Sorcerer
Appearance- Tall, thin, shaggy hair, dark piercing eyes, wearing a fine plum chuba.
Attributes- AGY 8, AWR 13, CHM 12, END 13, INL 14, KMA -15, SPD 10, STH 9, WIL 16, BDY 2, BLD 5, INCY 4.
Attachments- Sexual Dominance, Sadistic, Magic Power, Humor, Brutality.
Skills- Love Magic 4), Animation (4), Bird Control (3), Poisons (2), Meditation (2), Prowling (2), Weather Sorcery (2), Literacy (2).
Special Equipment- Phurba: Wood (1 bladed damage), Skull Beads (+2 to sorcery rolls), Kukuri (2 bladed, pierces as 5, hard strike).

Tsetrung Chamo
Level 3 Dobdob
Appearance- Very tall, very broad, dressed in soot stained robes with a coiled whip and a prayer wheel in his belt. He has a shaved head and a jovial face.
Attributes- AGY 7, AWR 5, CHM 10, END 15, INL 5, KMA 12, SPD 14, STH 17, WIL 12, BDY 5, BLD 4, INCY 3.
Attachments- Brave, Loyal, Truthful, Strong, Justice.
Skills- Wrestling (3), Whip (2), Brawling (2).
Special Equipment- Whip (1 bladed, range 3, easy pain/stun), Prayer Wheel
Typical Attack- Knockdown at STH (17) + AGY (7) +12 (skill) + 1d20 vs. 30 (or 1d20 +6 vs. 0).
Typical Reaction- Entangle (with whip) at INL (5) + STH (17) +6 (skill) + 1d20 vs. 30 (or 1d20 vs. 2).

Lobsang Tsewang (The Handsome Young Monk)
Level 1 Yellow Hat Monk
Appearance- Torn monk's robes, unshaven, wild amber-colored eyes with dilated pupils, lean, muscular build, flushed face, very handsome. He is sitting cross-legged, shivering and rocking back and forth, playing and counting prayers on a rosary.
Attributes- AGY 6, AWR 8, CHM 15, END 8, INL 10, KMA 18 (current 6), SPD 7, STH 11, WIL 13, BDY 3, BLD 3, INCY 3.
Attachments- Humor, Duty, Trusting, Ascetic, Forgiving.
Skills- Literacy (2), Indifference 2), Logic (1), Philosophy (1), Breath Tantra (2), Fire Yoga (1), Tai Chi (3).
Special Equipment- Prayer Beads.
Typical Action- Knockaway at STH (11) + AGY (6) + 12 (skill) + 1d20 vs. 25 (or 1d20 +4 vs. 0).
Typical Reaction- Split Parry (at 1d20 vs. 2) and Simultaneous Crippling Strike (at 1d20 vs. 3).

Nagapka the Pledge Holder
Appearance- Blue-green, long tangled hair, six muscular arms, carrying nooses, axes and flaming swords, riding on the back of a crazy bear, wearing flayed sin across his shoulders.
Attributes- 20 MSTH, AGY 13, AWR 10, CHM 2, INL 7, KMA 0, SPD 12, STH 18, WIL 0.
Abilities- Create an Illusion (4/round), Start Fires (5), Trip People (5), Control Animals (5/round), Cause a 1 Bladed Damage Cut (8), Cause Blizzard (15).

Experience Points

Lobsang ends up sane & alive. (20 XP)     
Lobsang ends up dead, but with enough KMA to achieve a human rebirth. (15 XP)     
Lobsang ends up dead, with karma too poor to achieve a human rebirth. (0 XP)     
Lodoe can no longer prey upon people (7 XP)     
Nyima is killed. (-5 XP)     
Worked well as a group (2 XP)     
PCs made friends with each other (5 XP/ea.)     
Personal growth (5 XP)     
Clever Plan (1 to 5 XP)     
Exceptional role-playing (2 XP)     
Succeeded in line with a self-attachment (1 XP/ea.)     
Made correct prediction based on universe attachment (2 XP/ea.)     
Made the world a worse place (-1 to -5 XP)     
Split-up group (-5 XP)     
Player Character Death (-10 XP)     

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