Healing Rules

For every 7 day period, the average person regains the following:

  • 1 point of BLD
  • point of BDY

    Each of the following will slow the healing rate by one day:

  • Bad Damage Type- The PC was damaged by ragged, burn or radiation damage.
  • Botched 1st Aid- The PC never had any 1st aid performed on the injury, or a 1st Aid skill roll failed.
  • Infection- The PC contracts any disease, whether or not it is related to the injury.
  • Low END- The PCs base END is 5 or less.
  • Malnutrition- The PC cannot get food which satisfied basic nutritional requirements.
  • Mental Stress- The PC is put in constant fear of death or of not having the basic necessities of life met.
  • Physical Stress- The PC must do heavy labor or suffers form any amount of sleep deprivation.
  • Poor Hygiene- The PC is unable to keep wounds clean.
  • Reinjury- The PC take another injury while healing.

    Each of the following will speed up the healing rate by one day:

  • Alternative Therapy- Treatment by someone with 3 or more levels in Herbal Medicine or Accupuncture.
  • Excellent 1st Aid- Immediately after the injury, the PC was given 1st Aid that beat the skill roll difficulty by 10+.
  • Good Damage Type- The PC was damaged by electricity, cold, heat, hunger or thirst.
  • Healthy Diet- the PC eats meals prepared by a nutritionist (or someone with the Physical Therapy skill) to provide all the right nutrients a healing body needs.
  • High END- The PCs END is 15 or more.
  • Physical Therapy- The PC sees someone with the physical therapy skill for at least an hour a day (costs $150/wk.).
  • Pro-Healing Drugs- The PC takes prescription pharmaceuticals which speed the healing process (and cause considerable drowsiness) at a cost of $200/wk.
  • Unlimited Rest- The PC spends as much time as he or she feels like in bed.

    Example: Tim took 3 bladed and 2 blunt damage. The 1st aid was botched and Tim has to work a job doing heavy labor. On the other hand, he has a high END, has a physical therapist giving him therapy and cooking him nutritious meals. Altogether, he has 2 things that would slow his healing rate (physical stress, botched 1st aid) and 3 things which would speed the healing rate (physical therapy, healthy diet, high END). So, his net total is +1, meaning he gains back 1 BLD and BDY every 6 days rather than 7.

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