Page 316 is missing the starting money for Nightwalkers. Nightwalkers should start with $2250.

Page 209 is missing the starting money and income for Freaks. Freaks start with $1250 and gain +$120/wk.

Page 321 is missing the following text:

Distinguishing Features- Sat Jumpers can often be identified by the pressure suits they wear (see Lifestyle, above) and their propensity for carrying their tools with them even when they are not on duty. When they want to be identified as Sat Jumpers, many Sat Jumpers wear polo-shirts or jackets with an SRC logo patch on them.

Symbols- The logo for the SRC looks like a circle with a crossed X made from a wrench and the tight ellipsis of a satellite orbit.



Income- $2,500 +$300/wk.

Special Equipment- Pressure Suit (AR 12, PR 3 bladed), Computer Repair Toools: Portable (p.135), Mini-Blowtorch (p.136).

Page 367 states that Colin's typical attack is a vital strike with +32 from skill. Colin's 4 levels of Knife Fighting should give him +16 to Vital Strike, giving him:

The skills section lists Production Chemistry as an available skill, but provides no description for it. Here's the skill:

Production Chemistry (INL)- The PC has studied techniques for the manufacture of chemicals.

  • Easy (10): Recognize what type of chemicals a rig is set up to produce.
  • Moderate (20): Create a god-killer manufacturing lab from household and mail-order equipment.
  • Hard (30): Create a sibosin manufacturing lab.

    The skill cost for INFO skills for Hummingbirds is 8.

    The entry for Psychic Response Team members mong the Night Shift should read:

    "Psychic Response Team- PC gets a PRT Skin and while on duty they ride around in an armored police-van."

    The following changes to standard ORC were implemented in In Dark Alleys: